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25 03 2010


we are playing! deets coming soon!!!

some upcoming shows!

21 01 2010

i’ll have more deets to post soon, but for now you can chuck these in your diary:

saturday 27th feb, 7pm

little lungs (usa) + alphabet snakes (melbs) + bare arms @ jura library (440 parrmatta road, petersham)

thursday 11th feb, 7pm

milvains (italy) + bare arms @ canberra

also, we have a stalkerbook page now, if that’s easier for y’all to keep up with:

yes, we have been slack. yes, we’re sorry. yes, you can complain here: barearmsmusic (at) gmail (dot) com

come dance with us!

23 06 2009

we’ve got a couple of danceable new tracks, so come and see for yourself what all the commotion is about:

these hands flyer

oh yes, what a fabbo show!

these hands could separate the sky (melbs)


space project

bare arms

@ the sandringham hotel, king street (newtown)

from 8pm, only $10.

we are on at 8.15pm SHARP, so don’t be late!!!

and in two weeks we are playing with the fabulous la dispute (from the us of a), to the north and quiet steps (from brissy) and intentions (from down the road) at dirty shirlows. that’s on sunday july 12th.


1 06 2009

hi kids!

thanks to all who came out and braved the gross weather this weekend. big love to paint it black for providing years of support to diy music in sydney – such champs!!! pop down and buy records / cds / zines off em. they’re on enmore road, just down from the enmore theatre.

we are going to have a little break this month to write some new songs, eat food and celebrate getting older. we have some shows in july, so check the show page for updated details.


on the airwaves

27 05 2009

someone thought it would be a good idea to put us on the radio on monday evening. you can hear it here: home and hosed (i think we are about 20 mins into the program)

you can also check us out on triple j unearthed. you can probably just google that yourself!

most importantly – we are playing a show on saturday! two in fact!

saturday (2pm) @ paint it black records (enmore road, newtown)

with baryshnikov and intentions


saturday (8pm) @ dirty shirlows (shirlow st, marrickvile)

with baryshnikov, hira hira and pockets

only $8, all ages


11 05 2009

who doesn’t love dinosaurs!?!?!

ooohhh! dancing ahoy! these shows shall be rocking! go to baryshnikov’s myspace to learn lyrics for guaranteed sing-along fun times.

Some sounds for you!

27 04 2009

i am VERY slowly attempting to embed music in this here inter-web, so y’all can “live stream” music straight through your computer to your ears. here is a page where you can access it:

Download Bare Arms – In The End We’re All Dead

you don’t have to download it – the music live streams from the page! just like myspace, only not evil.

hopefully there will be some sounds on the ‘listen PUNK!’ page shortly!


dst, scooter and other excitement!

27 04 2009


we are back and radder than ever! and there’s loads of exciting things happening at the mo. we’ve completed our first ep (thanks to hammer for recording genius!), which you can get for 10 smackaroos postage paid anywhere in australia. send us an email at: barearmsmusic (at) gmail (dot) com and we’ll hook you up.

next week are some fun shows with daniel striped tiger from the us of a! we are playing their first sydney show on  tuesday the 5th of may in the evening at jura bookshop in the gorgeous new library. come along! it’s only 10 dollars for dinner and the show. yay!


scooter is back and more needed than ever, at the fabulous new red rattler theatre in marrickville. we’ll be playing on saturday the 16th of may with katalea sweet and pow pow shazaam’s jazz trio. should be rad! stay tuned for a poster!

on the horizon is a visit from dance-able melbourne stars baryshnikov on the weekend of may 29th-30th. final venues and bands are being confirmed, so keep some space on your dance card free that weekend.

trini arms

tom made a pretty flyer

23 10 2008

shows shows shows!

21 10 2008